Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Providing eco-friendly cleaning services to the residents and businesses of San Antonio by utilizing green products, green equipment and green procedures.
Just wanted to take a moment to officialy say "Thank You" for all that you do and for the value-added service that you enable me to provide to my customers. Your attention to detail and passion for doing things right sets you aprat from the crowd. Everytime I have used your services for post-construction clean up, we have been able to return the home or office in better than pre-loss condition and deliver a completely satisfied customer. I feel truly fortunate to have you in my circle of trusted professionals. Thank You for all that you do!
Date of Posting: 5 Jun 2012Posted by: Karrie
We had Maribel and her staff come in and clean our home for almost a year now. They did an excellent job and were very diligent about cleaning every detail of our home. The first thing we noticed was how clean the air seemed. Their attention to detail was amazing. Not many businesses operate like that these days. If you have a cleaning job that you want done the right way, we highly recommed Pure Green Cleaning Service.
Date of Posting: 20 Apr 2012Posted by: Joe & Deb
We used Pure Green to do a top to bottom cleaning of our entire house and they left everything amazingly clean! Every inch from air vents and ceiling fans to bathrooms and tile flooring was spotless! We couldn't find a thing we'd do differently. We highly recommend them to any friends and family looking for an impecable company!
Date of Posting: 18 Jan 2012Posted by: Scott & Sarah
Pure Green Cleaning has been cleaning my home for nearly a year now. My wife and I went through several cleaning services before we meet Maribel. From the start, Pure Green has been the most professional and thorough cleaning service we have ever used. They are always on time and always do a great job. Anytime we have had special requests, Maribel went out of her way to accommodate us. I highly recommend you let her come in and clean your home. Once she does, you won't ever want to be without her service again.
Date of Posting: 29 Nov 2011Posted by: Charles
Maribel and Pure Green has been a God send. Our family schedule seemed to get busier each year, the kids got older and as such our time for cleaning around the house got smaller. We tried several cleaning companies and were always dissatisfied with the end result. After hearing Pure Green's philosophy we decided to give them a try - they did a fabulous job! They clean every visit items I only cleaned every other month, needless to say I look forward to the days the crew is scheduled to clean our home. It truly feels clean once they're done.
Date of Posting: 8 Aug 2011Posted by: Dale

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